5 Tips to get the most out of your 360º Virtual Tour

Tips & Tricks | By Liberty360º Inc.

Now that you have a virtual tour, the next step is letting your audience know about it!

Welcome to the new age of Digital Marketing. Your Google listing and raking in local searches is about to go way up thanks to your Virtual Tour. A 360º Tour is designed to showcase your business premises in the best light which helps people make an informed decision on visiting you personally.

360º Virtual Tours work amazingly well for businesses where the ambiance of the location plays a big role in the decision making process

Research shows that 18% people who view a virtual tour on mobile are likely to walk-in the next day. Now that you have gone in with the one-time cost associated with creating a virtual tour, all you need to do is set it up and let it drive customers to your business.

Here’s the great part – Virtual tours can do a lot more than sit on your local search waiting for people to surf. Pull people in and attract traffic and footfalls proactively with it. Here’s how

  1. Website Placement

Aside from sending out a link to your tour in an campagin - you can embed your new 360º Virtual Tour directly on your website - so visitors don’t have to leave your site to interact with the tour.

Good website placement is very important to make sure that visitors can easily find your virtual tour on your website. The best way to do this is by adding a specific “virtual tour” menu-item in the navigation menu so that people can find your tour as fast as possible.

For the best viewing experience, we suggest embedding the virtual tour as wide as possible; preferably full-width for an optimal visitor experience. A larger virtual tour embed screen will be more inviting for visitors to try out! The user can then make the tour full screen and still remain on your site.

2. POST A 360º Photo on facebook

Facebook supports 360° media now such as photos and videos, making it the ideal platform to share some of the 360° photographs from the virtual tour.

Your customers are already looking at your Facebook page, and a 360º photo is far more engaging than a traditional photograph.

Add a link in the description to take the visitors to the actual tour where the 360° photo is from.

Click on the photo on the right to see an example of a 360° photo we made at the Nano Fabrication Lab, Kingston. Link opens Facebook in a new window and shows the actual posted 360° photo.


Emails are still a great option to get the word out about the virtual tour of your business you just had created. An average office worker sends about 40 business emails a day. Imagine your entire team having the link to your virtual tour in every single email. Business emails contain important content which is read with a great deal of attention. A great way to use that attention is to then present them with a ‘Hey – Take a Virtual Tour through our premises” followed by the link. It is bound to get more attention than the regular social and phone number signature lines.

4. Share it on social

Other than the Facebook 360 Photo feature, you can directly share the virtual tour on various social channels with a simple link. It is highly engaging to share the walk-through experience on social as people are surfing these channels during their free time when their ‘intent’ is not at an all-time high but the right tour can work great to pique their interest in your brand.

5. Treasure hunt

If you want to take your virtual tour to the next level and increase user engagement even further, this is one of the most interesting thing you can do. To create a treasure hunt will require a little more planning and forethought, and communication with us in advance.

With a Virtual Tour Treasure Hunt you can ‘hide’ items within your premises which can be captured during the tour. Later, you can send customers on a virtual treasure hunt to find these objects.

This is a great way to build your email list and increase footfalls. People can find the hidden items and send their details via an online form. While the first few can win freebies, everyone else can get discount coupons.

You can hide more than one object for the treasure hunt to change every month!